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Innovative Battery Technology

Innovative Anode System

Li-metal anode system:Lithium Metal anode battery was used in 1980s but disappeared and replaced by Graphite(18650) in 1991 because of the shortage and poor efficiency caused by dendrite and SEI. After 3 decades, ProLogium integrated the ultra-safe LCB infrastructure , Ceramion® Tech and E.I.C. structure, successfully made new generation Li-metal anode battery- ELCB, with 1.5 times higher energy density than LPB. ELCB is currently under developed, scheduled to achieve 833 Wh/L in 2019. Smartphone main battery will be the target market.

Si anode system:As an anode material, Si has higher specific capacity than Graphite and is considered as a potential material for next generation anode. However, the swelling rate is too high that it could cause the deformation of battery and make fire or explosion happen. There is no much living example of battery maker adopts more than 10% Silicon in anode. ProLogium is developing exclusive Si anode system technology, making the percentage of Si from 5%~100% without safety issue, making big improvement on energy density.

Revolutionary Battery Technologies

Ceramion® Tech  ProLogium pioneer “internal conduction technology” solves initial weakness of higher inner resistance to achieve 5C fast charge possibility. Like high way, Ceramion® Technology connect all directions inside cell, increase conductivity and decrease inner resistance effectively.

Micro Cell® Tech  Micro-island- like composition, it organizes by numerous independently functional small cells. The small cell has strong link strength in the vertical Z axis with high conductivity. Horizontal XY axes, on the contrary, has slight connectivity. Therefore, LCB can do dynamic bending and no crack.

LogithiumTM Tech  Heat conduction of solid state electrolyte is better than liquid one, and current collector can extend outside of solid state cells. Greatly enhance the radiating capability of LCB and it is rare innovative design for industry.


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