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BLCB Technology

BLCB (BiPolar+ Tech), High Voltage Type LCB

BLCB, a high voltage cell which adopts BiPolar+ technology, is able to do direct-serial and parallel inside single cell. In fact, Bipolar Tech is not new to battery makers, there are thousands bipolar-related patents in the world owned by worldwide cell makers, include first tier cell makers which had decades of company history.
However, none of them could manufacture bipolar cell but ProLogium, which is a ten years old company. Two critical reasons that bipolar cell is almost impossible to do so is because (a) conventional lithium ion battery cell adopts liquid or jelly electrolyte and fire or explosion will occur by short circuit while series all electrodes in single cell; (b)liquid or jelly electrolyte will be decomposed at more than 5 Volts and fire or thermal runaway occurs easily.

ProLogium’s solid state LCB (Lithium Ceramic Battery) ” doesn’t contain flammable liquid or jelly type electrolyte inside and still stable over high Volts. Overall, solid state electrolyte is only solution to do bipolar cell and ProLogium’s “BiPolar+ cell” is the only one can provide inner series and inner parallel in one single cell at the same time.

BLCB Features

High Energy Density
For conventional li-battery, if we need a battery of 60V, we will have to connect at least 16 pieces of 3.75V batteries in series externally. However, for BLCB, a single battery cell can reach 60V or higher, not only save the package material of 15 pieces batteries, but also higher the energy density.
With the increase of cell voltage, the demand of BMS and shunt could be decreased. The additional benefit is the cost and volume of battery pack system can be much lower. At pack level, the automotive battery adopts BLCB could have 1.4 times higher energy density than LPB one. (estimated to be 2 times higher @2020)

High Power Efficiency
Due to the high voltage of BLCB, the demand of boosting in electrical mother board system could be reduced. Thus, the design of electrical mother board system can be simplified, cost can be reduced, furthermore, the power efficiency will be higher.

High Capacity Utilization
Restricted by the limited range of some component’s operating voltage, protection mechanism will be set up a “cut-off”to stop discharging at 3.2V while designing the BMS. However, this will cause the waste of capacity, not able to fully discharge.
To a 2series BLCB, the range of operating voltage is 5.5V~ 8.8V, higher than the cut-off voltage set to protect components, that’s why BLCB can do 100% discharge, won’t cause any waste of capacity.

49V (12series) BLCB Sample

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