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FLCB Flexible Type LCB

FLCB (Flexible Type LCB)

FLCB (Flexible Lithium Ceramic Battery) adopts "Solid-state Lithium Ceramic Electrolyte" instead of traditional liquid-state one. Together with the innovation FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) battery substrate, FLCB becomes a soft battery cell that is bendable, flexible, rollable, incombustible, no leakage, and still safe and dischargeable after penetrating, punching, or cutting. FLCB is the only battery not only adopts “roll to roll” manufacturing process but dynamic bending. FLCB is the leader of next generation battery that can replace conventional battery and the key component of trends of lighter, bendable, wearable application or IOT products.
FLCB is awarded by "best choice award" and "d&i Award" in Computex 2014, "Taiwan Excellence Award” in 2015 and CES Innovation Award in 2017 and 2018.

FLCB creates numerous application that is impossible for conventional battery because of its great safety and wider durability in high/ low pressure environment. For example, submarine or applications under deep water or extremely low pressure application like 1. Equipment operate/ storage at higher ground, 2. Unpressurized aircraft 3. Carried externally on aircraft. What’s more, ProLogium invented its own FWI Technology exclusively in 2017 which increase the bending ability of FLCB to 10,000 times (R15). Watch band battery adopts insert molding process, temperature sensing patch of bio-medical application, heating insole, smart cloth, smartbelt with GPS and all kinds of applications with ultra-thin advantages are feasible market of FLCB.

● Ultra-Safe (No Explode and Leak)

● Ultra Thin, Thickness : 0.38mm

● Great High/ Low Pressure Durability

● Dynamic Bending Ability with 10,000 Times Bending (Max.)


Thickness : 0.38mm


FWI Technology, dynamic bending 10,000 times at R15mm

        Great Dynamic Bending Ability

Able to do "tubular" cell

Cylindrical TLCB

        Great Rolling Ability

Injection Molding Adaptable
 (120℃,150 sec / 130℃,60 sec)

        Injection Molding Process Available


Extremely High Pressure:48ATM (470M Under Water)
Extremely Low Pressure:10 -11 ATM (Outer Space)

        Great High / Low Pressure Durability



  • ● Power Luggage Tag/ Bendable Power Bank
    ● BLE Smart Card/ Finger Print Card/ Active RFID/Wireless Thermometer / Sensing Patch/ Internet Of Vehicle
    ● Lower Pressure than MIL-STD-810F application
    1. Equipment operate/ storage at higher ground
    2. Unpressurized aircraft
    3. Carried externally on aircraft

    Power Leaf by SOFTBANK C&S


  • Wearable (Attached on Human/Pet)
    ●Temperature Sensing Patch/ ECG Patch
    ● Smart Helmet/ Watchbend/ Belt/Heating Cloth/Heating Insole
    ● Smart Bag

  • Tubular Type
    ● Industrial Sensor under High Temperature Environment/BBQ Temperature Sensor
    ● Stylus

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