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BLCB High Voltage Type LCB

BLCB High Voltage Type LCB

Unlike the traditional outside series procedure of conventional Lithium polymer batteries, ProLogium “BiPolar+ Cell” can offer higher voltage in a single cell with a directly inner-series stacking technology. It could enlarge a cell internal nominal voltage from 7.4V to maximum 60V.

Actually, bipolar is not a new concept in Lithium battery field since energy density and cost issue has become a hurdle for many years. There are thousands bipolar-related patents in the world issued by worldwide cell makers, includes first tier cell makers which had decades of company history. However, none of them could manufacture bipolar cell but ProLogium, which is a ten years old company. Two critical reasons that bipolar cell is almost impossible to do so is because (a) conventional battery adopts liquid or jelly electrolyte and fire or explosion will occur by short circuit while series all electrodes in single cell; (b)liquid or jelly electrolyte will be decomposition at more than 5 Volts and fire or thermal runaway occurs easily. However, ProLogium “BiPolar+ Cell” is solid state battery, no flammable electrolyte inside and still stable over 5 Volts. There is no leakage, no fire, and no explosion even when the cell is folded, cut, or penetrated. The max. temperature during fast charging is even lower than body temp. Overall, solid state electrolyte is only solution to do bipolar cell and ProLogium’s “BiPolar+ cell” is the only one can provide inner series and inner parallel in one single cell at the same time.

Once a cell nominal voltage increase with “BiPolar+ Cell”, (1) the energy density of both cell and whole battery pack system will increase; (2) the complex design of BMS, shunt, and protection circuit can be simplified since “BiPolar+ cell” already series (or/and parallel) inside; (3) the quantities of battery cell can be reduced; (4) the metal mechanism, connectors, and wire can be decreased; (5) and final additional benefit is the material cost of battery pack system can by much lower.

Unique Ceramion® Technology, no decomposition issue at high voltage. Ultra-high Energy Density that saving weight and volume of outer parallel/serial protection. High Energy Efficiency, no capacity lost from boost module. High Capacity Utilization that support wider usable capacity range than conventional batteries.

Adopts the "BiPolar+" technology with high technical content, BLCB has been internationally certified and won the CES 2018 Innovation Awards which is also very difficult to win for general consumer products.

(Picture)ProLogium「BiPolar+」BLCB sample, 49V (12S)


● BiPolar+ Technology, directly serial and parallel inside the cell.

● High voltage from 7.4V to 60V available.

● High Energy Density

● High Energy Efficiency

● High Capacity Utilization




Wider Operation Window / Storage Temperature

        Wider Operation Window

Higher Theoretical Energy Density than LPB (no sacrifice for safety)


       High Energy Density

No capacity lost from boost module

       High Energy Efficiency

Wider usable capacity range than conventional battery

       High Capacity Utilization




  • BLCB is now available for multiple series adopted without boost module.
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